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Does God Really Exist?

Ah, the eternal question – Is there a God or isn’t there? And, if there is, how do we know that he (or she or it or they) exists? Of course there are those who categorically say there is no God. We call them atheists (a = without; theos = god). In my teen years I called myself an atheist until I realized that to do so was to say that I knew everything. How did I know that God existed outside of my knowledge? Atheists, if they are honest with themselves, will realize this flaw in their logic and upgrade themselves to agnostics – those who are not sure if there is a God or not (a = without; gnosis = knowledge).

At the age of 19, through a number of dramatic incidences, I realized that I had been wrong. God did in fact exist – and that he was not just real but loving, caring and personal. Now, 32 years later – and a whole lot wiser – I am living my life to help others know this loving, caring, personal God. It is my hope that this blog will help you in this discovery. I believe there are four basic ways we can know that God exists:

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Knowing God’s Will

The most often asked question that Christians have of their faith is: “How can I know God’s will for my life?”

Many Christians bind themselves up believing that the will of God is very constricting, but it isn’t.  God has called us to freedom – in fact the first three words God ever spoke to a human being were “you are free” (Genesis 2:16).  But you can’t have true freedom without boundaries!  That’s why God told the first humans they were free to eat from ALL the trees in Eden accept one.

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No Cost Environmental Care

“I care for the environment – as long as it doesn’t cost me anything.”  That seems to just about sum up what many Aussies currently feel about environmental care.

According to market research company Australia Scan, Australians are becoming increasingly disinterested in the environment.  This is for a number of reasons including the seemingly endless debate over emissions trading and the impact of the Black Saturday bushfires that resulted largely from a failure to systematically back burn large areas of bush land (trees are more important than people apparently).

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Compassion Fatigue

According to Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper (Saturday October 3) “Australians are in danger of succumbing to “compassion fatigue” with multiple disasters leaving charities in critical need.”  The paper went on to quote UNICEF Australia spokesman Martin Thomas who said “there is certainly always a great danger of compassion fatigue … when we have seen disaster after disaster.”

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