New to Bayside Church - What to Expect

  • How long will the church service go for?

    The entire service is usually concluded within an hour and a half.
    The service order can vary slightly, but we usually begin with the band and singers leading the congregation in three or four praise and worship songs. This is followed by a welcome, announcements and the Bayside News video of what’s coming up at church. We then receive an offering and teach a message that is relevant to everyday life.

  • What should I wear?

    Feel free to wear whatever you are most comfortable in. Most Baysiders wear smart casual attire to services.

  • Where do I park?

    Although Bayside Church has a dedicated car park, the spots are few. We ask that those spots are reserved for the elderly and families with prams. There is plenty of on-street parking in the neighbouring streets which are unrestricted on weekends. Please ask a car park attendant if you are in doubt.

  • Where should I sit?

    You are welcome to sit wherever you like in the auditorium. There are designated wider rows for parents with prams at the back of the auditorium. If you are unsure where to go, just ask one of our friendly ushers and they will help find you a seat.

  • Do I need to give money?

    We do not expect guests to give in the offering. At no time are members of Bayside Church under any compulsion to give, however we do teach Biblical principles of generosity.

  • What about children?

    We have children’s ministry available so that parents can enjoy the service. We have Buddies (walking – pre-school aged) and Kidz Rock (primary school aged) programs. Your children can expect to have fun and learn about God and Jesus and how Christian faith can make the world a better place. If you prefer your child to be with you during the service that’s absolutely fine.

  • What about teenagers?

    At Bayside we encourage all generations to worship God together at one of our weekend services. In addition, we also have the Bayside Youth program that takes place on Friday nights.

Bayside Youth

  • What happens on Friday nights?

    We alternate between HANGS nights; AKA connect group (2nd + 4th weeks of the month) and ALL IN nights. Our ALL IN nights are where we gather as a WHOLE Bayside Youth Family to go all out in worship, hanging out, gathering around the Word, praying, and having a ton of fun.

  • What Child Safety do you have in place?

    We adhere to our Safe Ministry Policy at all times; especially our Code of Conduct, and all of our youth leaders undergo training on this each year. Bayside Church has two Safe Ministry Contacts who oversee Child Protection and Safe Ministry.

  • Who are the youth leaders? (how are they selected)

    Our youth leadership team is made up of both young adults and adults who have a passion for seeing our vision occur amongst the young people of Bayside. There is a very thorough recruitment process which can be found within the Safe Ministry Policy.

  • How do the youth leaders stay in contact with youth?

    Most of our information is delivered through our Instagram page (see below) and through face to face interactions in our connect groups. We recognise that our young people are online and on their phones a ton and so we love to stay connected with them through Instagram messages, text messages, and Zoom calls. In order for us to do this we ask for Guardian permission to contact them. You can find this permission slip in the Guardian Handbook.

  • How can I get my youth more connected in church?

    Encourage your youth to join in with what the church fam is doing, whether that be through church online or Ps Rob & Christie’s Q+A on Tuesday nights, the church podcast during the week, or a zoom call/catch up with some friends from church. When we are able to meet in person again encourage your youth to get involved in some way whether through

    helping to serve coffee (get those barista skills for the resume woo!), or helping with the kids ministry, or helping stream our services with the Media team; theres so many ways for your youth to help out and in doing so feel part of the family, build friendships, and feel connected.

  • I find large crowds intimidating/challenging, but I still want to be connected in youth, How can I?

    Be courageous and reach out. We would love to chat. Shoot us through an email and we will get in touch with you. We want to connect with you in a way you feel comfortable and we would love to brainstorm with you the best way to do that. We have lots of options for how we can stay connected with each other such as online connect groups, phone calls, zoom calls, messages etc. Would love to chat!

  • How can I join a youth connect group?

    Email connect@baysidechurch.com.au and we will help get you plugged in! If you find you are struggling to gel with your connect group, let a youth leader know and we will try to help you and can also help you find another one if you need.

  • How do I stay up to date?

    We email direct communication regarding upcoming events (inclusive of event details, bus details, consent forms, registration forms, online event links, zoom links etc.) to parents/guardians on a monthly basis. Please email connect@baysidechurch.com.au to update your email address if you are not receiving these emails.

Bayside Kids

  • Do kids get a snack during church?

    Yes, snack time includes fruit, crackers and sometimes something warm or special. Bayside Kids tries to cater for all dietary requirements and is an allergy aware ministry.

  • Where to go and what to bring?

    Bayside Kids is located towards the rear of the building and parents are encouraged to bring a piece of fruit to share and a water bottle for each child.

  • When do the programs start?

    The program runs during the service and kids can be checked in from about 15 minutes prior to services starting.

  • What are the different programs/rooms?

    Bayside kids offers a space and program for each developmental stage – Buddies is for walking to 4 year old kinder, Kidz Rock is for Prep to Gr 4 and Intensity caters to the needs of the older primary ages.

  • How can I access the lessons during the week?

    Lessons are produced weekly for the Pre-school (Buddies) and Early Primary Age (Kidz Rock). You can access the lessons here (link to Bayside kids playlist)

  • Do you have something for youth?

    There is a designated youth program (add link) at Bayside Church. However, Youth age students are encouraged to become junior leaders in kids ministry and participate in the emerge (add link) discipling program. They may also choose to serve in any of the other areas. You can email connect@baysidechurch.com.au for more information

  • How can I get involved?

    All parents are rostered on once every 3-6 months as a parent helper in the kids areas. This is an opportunity to see what the ministry is about and to explore if it is an area that God has placed on your heart. You do not need a working with children check as a parent helper, but there are some requirements to serve as a spiritual leader in Bayside Kids, for more information contact safechurch@baysidechurch.com.au

  • What about safety?

    Bayside Church has a Safe Ministry Policy (add link). For more information contact safechurch@baysidechurch.com.au

  • Need more information?

    Please find more information in the Parent Handbook for Bayside Kids or email connect@baysidechurch.com.au


Our team would love to help! Please feel free to contact us if you need further information about any of our services, groups or facilities.

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