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We are Bayside Church, a dynamic, family church with people of all ages

Welcome to Bayside Church! We invite you to join a thriving church that believes in being relevant, passionate and making a difference in Melbourne’s bayside suburbs and beyond.

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20 April 2021

Your Work, God’s Work | Ps Mark Conner

In this message, Mark Conner shares insights for finding greater meaning and purpose in our daily work.

12 April 2021 | Ps Sandra Cavallo

What Now? | Ps Sandra Cavallo

3 April 2021 | Rob Buckingham

Die for a Lie? | Ps Rob Buckingham

1 April 2021 | Ps Rob Buckingham

Written On His Hands | Ps Rob Buckingham

Coming Up

Bayside Church hosts many special events during the year. Here’s a menu of what’s coming up



Wed 14 Apr7.30pm-9.00pmBayside Church
How you ever wondered what life is about and if there is more than what you experience every day?
Bayside Steps 2 | Step to Church

Bayside Steps 2 | Step to Church

Wed 21 Apr6.50pm-9.00pmZoom
Step to Church is the second step in Bayside Steps discipleship pathway. This step shares some important aspects of Bayside Church, including: Why church? Engaging in church life

Rob Buckingham's Blog

Senior Minister, Rob Buckingham, blogs about faith and life.
Learn how to apply biblical principles to everyday life.

Creation The Bible

Young Earth, Dinosaurs & Genesis

24 March 2021

I’m frequently asked my opinion about the firmly held view amongst some Christians in a young earth. Invariably, the question includes confusion about how dinosaurs fit into the picture and why they are…

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Rob Buckingham