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13 May 2024

Mother’s Day 2024

6 May 2024

Bayside Community Care Weekend

27 April 2024 | Ps Rob Buckingham

Look Where You’re Going | Ps Rob Buckingham

22 April 2024

Mercy Aiken

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Bayside Church hosts many special events during the year. Here’s a menu of what’s coming up

Alpha Course

Alpha Course

Wed 17 Apr - Wed 19 Jun7.30pm-9.30pmBayside Church
How you ever wondered what life is about and if there is more than what you experience every day?
First Fruits

First Fruits

Sun 26 May - Sun 30 Jun10am-11.30amBayside Church
Every year, we take the opportunity to sow into what God is doing in and through us, as His Church.

Rob Buckingham's Blog

Senior Minister, Rob Buckingham, blogs about faith and life.
Learn how to apply biblical principles to everyday life.

Christian living Word of God

Should I Swear an Oath?

22 May 2024

Jesus taught us not to swear oaths, but there are occasions when we are required to. Should I swear an oath in a courtroom, for example? I’m asked this question occasionally, so writing…

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Rob Buckingham