Privacy Policy

Bayside Church is a non denominational  situated in Cheltenham, Melbourne. Its mission as a New Testament church with Jesus at its foundation is to bring healing to people’s lives, as well as equipping God’s people to properly carry out their ministry in the Church Community and beyond. In fulfilling its mission it respects the privacy of its congregation, staff and visitors. Its Privacy of Information Policy as enumerated below fulfils the requirements of the Commonwealth Privacy Act (Amendment 2000) and related Victorian Government legislation (Information Privacy Act 2000).

Bayside Church reserves the right to amend its Privacy of Information Policy as required. 

This policy will be made available to any person requesting a copy.

1. Collection of Information 

Bayside Church collects only information that it requires to discharge its obligations to its congregation members, visitors and staff. Any information it collects about a congregation member, visitor or staff member, as far as possible will be obtained from that person and access to that information will be granted only to that individual unless consent is given to disclose that information. Where such consent is given, any disclosure will only be to the leadership of the Church or the church congregation where names and phone numbers are recorded in a church directory, and the information will be used solely for the purposes of discharging the mission of the Church. 

Information collected about an individual from a secondary source will also be made available to the individual except where making the individual aware of the matters would pose a serious threat to the life or health of the individual.

2. Use and Disclosure of Information 

Bayside Church will only use or disclose information for the purpose of discharging its mission or where it is required to under government legislation or regulation. Where disclosure of information is perceived as an appropriate step in discharging the mission of the Church approval to do so will be obtained from the Privacy Officer of the church. If disclosure of information is required for a secondary purpose (ie for actions outside of the discharge of the mission of the Church and/or to individuals or institutions external to the Church) the Church will not disclose such information without the specific consent of the individual unless the release of the information relates to the public interest such as law enforcement, public safety, research or emergency situations.
Bayside Church will not disclose information for the purpose of direct marketing without the consent of the individual.

3. Data Quality 

Bayside Church will at all times use its best endeavours to ensure that the personal information it collects, uses and discloses is accurate, complete and up to date. 
The Church will, on an annual basis, confirm the accuracy of personal information by requesting that each individual about whom information has been collected reviews and confirms/amends such information.

4. Data Security 

Bayside Church ensures that all personal information and records are protected from unauthorised disclosure or loss by permitting access to either electronic or hard copy information only to authorised personnel. All information will be maintained in a secure environment. Electronic and hard copies maintained about personal information will be kept separate to the main register. Bayside Church maintains a firewall on its local area computer network to ensure unauthorised external access does not occur.If personal information held by Bayside Church becomes redundant to the discharge of its mission then such information will be destroyed or made anonymous.

5. Access to Information/Correction 

Bayside Church will, subject to the appropriate procedures being complied with, provide access to an individual’s information to that individual except where such access poses a threat to the life or health of the individual, would have an impact upon the privacy of other individuals, is frivolous or vexatious, relates to existing or anticipated legal proceedings or to the current negotiations between the individual & Bayside Church, is unlawful, would impede or prejudice any investigation of unlawful activity or is likely to cause damage to the security of Australia. 

In such a situation we will explain to the person the reason for denying such access.

Bayside Church will not charge for a request for personal information held on that person and will omit from future records any information that is established as being incorrect or will correct such information. If the correctness of information is contested then a note to this effect will be appended to the information. Bayside Church will inform the individual concerned of all changes to the information record maintained on that individual.

6. Identifiers 

When requested, Bayside Church undertakes to provide to its congregation members and staff a personal identification symbol that is independent of identification issued by other agencies. Where, in the course of discharging its obligations, Bayside Church collects other agency identifications such identification will not be disclosed without the direct approval of the individual.

7. Anonymity 

Where it is lawful and reasonable to do so, Bayside Church will enable individuals to remain anonymous in their dealing with the organisation.

8. Trace border data flows
Bayside Church will not transfer personal information to another organisation or individual in another country unless: 

the individual consents, or beneficial (to the individual) contractual obligations require such a transfer, or the transfer is generally for the benefit of the individual or consent cannot be obtained for medical reasons but would likely be obtained if it were practical.

9. Sensitive Information 

Bayside Church will only collect sensitive information about an individual where: 

• the individual has consented, or 
• the collection is required by law, or 
• the information may prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to the life or health of an individual, or 
• information is required by law. 

Sensitive information will not be disclosed without the consent of the individual. 

In the normal course of discharging its responsibilities Bayside Church does not collect health information unless such information is required to safeguard the health of the individual. Any such information will not be disclosed without the consent of the individual unless it is to preserve the health of that specific person or it is provided to a state registered health care worker or organisation. 

Bayside Church reserves the right to amend its policy on the Privacy of Information. The Church maintains a grievance/complaints process whereby individuals may register their dissatisfaction with either the process pertaining to the Privacy of Information Policy or with the Policy itself by informing the Senior Pastor of the Church in writing of their dissatisfaction.

10. Further Information

If you would like further information about the way Bayside Church manages personal information or have any questions relating to the “Bayside Church Privacy of Information Policy”, please contact our Privacy Officer on 03 9585 2455 or by postal mail: 

Privacy Officer
Bayside Church
PO Box 500
Moorabbin, Victoria  3189

Formulated and Approved by the Board of Bayside Church Inc. June 2008