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Which Bible Should I Read?

I had an email from a Bayside Church member recently in which he told me of his greater commitment “to reading the Bible first, then working later,” rather than getting up and working straight away. He then went on to […]

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Taking Politics Out of Big Issues

One of the major problems I see in the world today is the politicising of the issues that face us.  Even Christian people get caught in this trap.  Let me give you four examples: Climate change Asylum seekers Conservation Racial […]

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A Christian Response to Halloween

I received this message a while ago via Facebook: “I just got a letter from school on Friday asking all parents to provide a small bucket or similar for the kids to decorate in art class for ‘non-scary Halloween celebrations’. […]

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What Aussies Dislike about the Church

In last week’s blog, we looked at the things Aussies love about the church and there’s quite a lot. I wished the story ended there, but it’s only half the picture. There are several things that Australians dislike about Christians […]

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What Aussies Love About The Church

There are several things Australians love about Christianity and the Christian Church. Before I share those things with you, let me make a couple of things clear. Making the Gospel Relevant? Firstly, I’m not talking here about making the gospel […]

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They Need to REPENT!

It’s no secret that I like to write and speak about current issues – be they ethical, moral, political or whatever.  It’s important to me to connect my Christian faith with the things people are talking about and experiencing in […]

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Can I Love the Planet Without Being a Greenie?

It’s a fact of modern life that the major issues we face often get hijacked by politics.  Just the mention of refugees, climate change, Aboriginal recognition and the like instantly polarise our minds either to the Left or the Right.  […]

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Jesus’ Disappointing Message

Part of the Christmas story tells us the reason why Jesus came: “you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.” To us this seems like a pretty awesome message and yet, […]

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Fences or Wells?

In her article “Digging Wells or Building Fences”, Dr Sheila Pritchard tells the story of a visitor to an Australian outback cattle ranch being intrigued by the seemingly endless miles of farming country with no sign of any fences. He […]

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What Did Jesus Mean by ‘Binding & Loosing’?

In Matthew 16:19 Jesus made an interesting, and somewhat confusing, promise to one of his disciples, Peter: “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be [or have been] bound in […]

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Should the Bible Be Taken Literally?

A few weeks ago I posted a blog presenting the three main Christian views on hell.  One of the things I found interesting in the responses to the blog was the repeated theme of taking the Bible literally.  Comments were […]

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Are Christians Ever Allowed to Judge Others?

There seems to be a lot of confusion amongst Christians as to the proper place for judging – or not judging. I was reading a Facebook thread on the weekend on Ireland’s vote for gay marriage, and especially U2’s Bono […]

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Dying with Dignity

On 29 November 2017, Victoria became the first Australian state to pass legislation allowing voluntary assisted dying. The law gives anyone suffering a terminal illness, with less than six months to live, the right to end their life. “From 19 June 2019, […]

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Speaking in Tongues

“Speaking in tongues” is a gift of the Holy Spirit and is literally “speaking in an unknown language” – that is to say, it is unknown to the speaker but is not unknown to God. Even though to many people […]

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Jesus’ Toughest Teaching

On the one hand, the Gospel is broad and spacious, a message with its arms wide open welcoming all to come and receive God’s grace, mercy and the gift of eternal life.  The Gospel is open-hearted, it says, “everyone who […]

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What Christians Can Learn From Israel Folau

As you’re probably aware, Israel Folau’s Australian rugby union career appears over (see report) after a three-person panel ordered that the Wallabies star’s four-year contract be terminated as punishment for his breach of the players’ Code of Conduct.[i] My purpose […]

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Was Jesus Really Born Of A Virgin?

I received an email a short while ago from a member of Bayside Church in which he expressed his concerns about comments made by “so-called Christian friends” about matters of theology that were fundamental to his Christian faith. He told […]

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Pentecostals, Pastors and Politics

Whenever there’s an election, I’m reminded of how little some quarters of the church have learnt how detrimental it is to the Gospel when churches and church leaders make polarising political statements. While I’m all for Christians engaging with politics, […]

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Does God Predestine Some People For Hell? (Romans 9)

It’s an awful thought that God would actually create some people for the very purpose of tormenting and torturing them for all eternity, but that’s what some Christians and churches believe, even today! The belief that God predestines some people […]

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Why is Good Friday good?

I love the perspective that children have on things.  Check out these comments from some kids when they were asked what happened on Good Friday?  And why did Jesus have to die?

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