Diwali: A Christian Response


Diwali: A Christian Response

3 November 2021

I received an email a while back asking, “How do you think we should respond as Christians to Diwali? This…

CoVid-19 Vaccines: Answers to Your Questions

20 October 2021

CoVid-19 Vaccines. One of the most talked-about topics today. So many questions and differing opinions, seemingly contradicting and confusing messages…

Taking the Heat Out of Global Warming

13 October 2021

When a significant issue becomes politicised, it creates polarisation. That is what has occurred with climate change. People hear those…

So, What’s REALLY Going On?

7 October 2021

My intention in writing this blog is to point out something that I hope will be helpful to us all…

Understanding the Book of Proverbs

29 September 2021

The Bible’s book called Proverbs contains some of the oldest writings in Scripture. It is a fascinating work jam-packed with…

Vaccine Passports

22 September 2021

A couple of weeks ago, I posted the following on my Facebook page: I’d like to gauge how people are…

Mental Health Matters

8 September 2021

Today is RUOK Day, “our national day of action dedicated to reminding everyone that every day is the day to…

Post Mortem Salvation

2 September 2021

I have always believed and taught that people can only “get saved” during this lifetime. After all, “People are destined…

The Shadow Pandemic

25 August 2021

Much is being spoken of at present about the shadow pandemic, and rightly so. It would be remiss of us…

What Happened to Mary Magdalene?

11 August 2021

There’s no doubt that Mary Magdalene was a significant person to Jesus and the first-century church. But there’s no mention…

Who are the Sons of God? (Genesis 6)

4 August 2021

There’s a fascinating and mysterious story in Genesis chapter 6 that has been the subject of much debate and conjecture….

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