Is All Scripture Useful?


Is All Scripture Useful?

23 August 2023

In last week’s blog, I outlined Jesus’ way of reading, understanding, and interpreting the Scriptures as a better way than…

The Only Way to Read Scripture

16 August 2023

Since I decided to follow Jesus, I have loved reading and studying the Scriptures. But I can’t say that my…

Wise Serpents and Innocent Doves

9 August 2023

Jesus sent out his Twelve Apostles with a mixture of warnings and encouragement, “I am sending you out like sheep…

Reformed Theology Needs a Reformation

1 August 2023

Reformed theology includes a system of belief that traces its roots back to the Protestant Reformation over 500 years ago….

Why was Jesus born at THAT Time?

26 July 2023

Why was Jesus born at THAT time? It’s a great question. Of all the times God could have entered the…

The Disturbing Story of Ananais and Sapphira

19 July 2023

The unsettling story of Ananais and Sapphira is found in Acts chapter five. The first two verses summarise the story:…

How the Bible Works

21 June 2023

The Bible gives us an incredible revelation of the goodness of God. But some parts of it seem to present…

The Kingdom, Mark Fennell, and Hillsong Church

14 June 2023

On the long weekend, I watched The Kingdom twice. I encourage you to watch it too.  The Kingdom is a…

Did Jesus Die for Everyone?

31 May 2023

In last week’s blog, I explored the principal theories offered to describe and define the atonement, what Jesus achieved on…

Atonement Theories

24 May 2023

For much of this year, I’ve been teaching about the cross, what it means, what it achieved, and how it…

God, Guns, and Misquoted Scriptures

10 May 2023

We regularly awaken to the news of another mass shooting in the USA. Several people have recently been shot for…

Male Headship and Women’s Submission

3 May 2023

I shared some of my experiences with the Potter’s House Church in last week’s blog. One of the damaging doctrines…

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