Wisdom on Saving & Investing


Wisdom on Saving & Investing

2 June 2021

The Bible has a ton of sage advice on managing money. 15% of Jesus’ teaching is about money. He said…

Understanding the Palestinian Conflict

19 May 2021

Tensions between the Israelis and Palestinians have flared up again. The world waits for the illusive Two-State solution. Nothing happens….

I’m a Progressive Christian

6 May 2021

Have you ever noticed how some people need to label you, to categorise you? Maybe it provides them with a…

Can I Pray to Mary & the Saints?

28 April 2021

It’s a question I’m regularly asked: Is it alright to pray to Mary and the Saints? I write this with…

When an Evil Person Dies

21 April 2021

Earlier this week, Scott Alan Murdoch died. Murdoch was found dead in his cell at a maximum-security prison. He was…

Young Earth, Dinosaurs & Genesis

24 March 2021

I’m frequently asked my opinion about the firmly held view amongst some Christians in a young earth. Invariably, the question…

Harry, Meghan and Jesus

17 March 2021

Last week, Christie and I, along with millions of others, watched the Oprah interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle….

The Bible is Not a Static Book

10 March 2021

There are many wrong ways to read the Bible. Here are a few: Out of obligation. God says to read…

The Psychology Behind Conspiracy Theories

3 March 2021

This time last year, we heard more and more about this strange new virus, but we were still blissfully unaware…

Meaning-Making from Death & Loss

17 February 2021

On Friday evening, Christie received a text letting us know that a Bayside Church member had just collapsed and was…

The Great Reset is Real

3 February 2021

Throughout the craziness of 2020, you may have seen or heard multiple mentions of something called “The Great Reset.” Some…

And the Prophets Apologise. A Little.

27 January 2021

Several weeks ago, I posted a blog entitled Holding the Prophets to Account.  The blog outlined the misuse and abuse…

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