Apologising to Bill Gates


Apologising to Bill Gates

2 September 2020

As I’ve noted a few times in recent blogs, conspiracy theories are sadly one of pandemics’ symptoms. But no one…

One-World Government & the Antichrist

19 August 2020

In last week’s blog, “Should the church defy the Government?” I wrote the following: “It’s my opinion that the “evangelist” who…

Should the Church Defy the Government?

12 August 2020

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a guy who calls himself an Evangelist. He wanted to challenge…

Why Bother to Pray?

29 July 2020

Why bother to pray? I mean, God knows everything, right? He knows what we need and want and don’t need….

Are All Christians Equal?

1 July 2020

I had an interesting conversation last week with a member of Bayside Church. The discussion was around the standards we…

Was Peter the First Pope?

24 June 2020

This week, I received a question from a new member of Bayside Church on the subject of Papal succession. Papal,…

Erasing History

17 June 2020

One of the phenomena related to the race protests is the toppling of statues, removal of certain movies and TV…

George Floyd, Slavery & Racial Prejudice

3 June 2020

I want to make it clear that this blog is not a judgment on America. We have plenty of race-related…

How Can I Hear God Speak?

27 May 2020

Have you ever felt like a second-class Christian because you hear people talk about how God speaks to them, but…

What is God’s Name?

13 May 2020

What’s in a Name? A couple of things. A person’s name reveals their character, whether they have a good name…

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