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Stoning Mary


As we approach Christmas, it’s timely to focus on some valuable truth from the original story.  Matthew’s account of the events surrounding Jesus’ birth includes the rather embarrassing predicament Joseph and Mary found themselves in because of Mary’s pregnancy, even […]

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Is This the Mark of the Beast?


Lately in the news there has been an increasing number of reports on microchips placed in humans.  The technology used on our pets since the Seventies is now available to us, and hundreds of Australians, as well as those in […]

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Religion Does More Harm Than Good


The recently released IPSOS Global Poll [1] shows that a majority of Australians (63%) believe that religion does more harm than good. The Poll also indicates that we are comfortable, in our multicultural society, in being around people with different […]

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A Christian Response to Halloween


I received this message a while ago via Facebook: “I just got a letter from school on Friday asking all parents to provide a small bucket or similar for the kids to decorate in art class for ‘non-scary Halloween celebrations’. […]

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Dying with Dignity

Dying with Dignity

Victoria’s Assisted Dying Bill is being discussed in State Parliament this week, and it’s hoped that a conscience vote by MPs will follow in a few days.  I concede that this is a highly emotional and divisive topic and I […]

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The Right to Try


Assisted dying legislation in Victoria will be debated next week when Parliament returns.  No doubt there will be some robust discussion over the next few weeks until a conscience vote by the end of the year is reached. I will […]

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The Power of Christian Unity


Since becoming a Christian at the age of 19, I’ve always loved it when the church expresses its God-given unity. God loves it too!  In Psalm 133 He says, “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together […]

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So Rob, What Books Do You Read?


It’s a question I get asked a lot and I’m always happy to answer it – “So Rob, what books do you read?”  I know it’s a cliché but I genuinely do believe that “leaders are readers” and so, I make it a […]

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It’s the End of the World – Again!


Social media is abuzz with yet another prediction of the end of the world.  There seems to be no end to prognostications of the end!  This time it’s because of a mysterious planet called Nibiru (or Planet X) that apparently […]

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When Life is not Fair


McCrindle Research’s Faith and Belief in Australia Report was published in May this year and gave some excellent insights into the spiritual state of the nation.  A part of the paper that particularly interested me was the things that attracted […]

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Falling in Love with a Joyful Jesus


I realise that a joyful Jesus is not everyone’s experience.  I mean, I’ve met some of his followers and joy wasn’t the first word that sprung to mind.  When I was in Grammar school, my divinity teacher was Reverend Harry […]

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Doctors in Schools: More Outraged Christians!


In last week’s blog I highlighted something that the church needs to beware of, that is, outraged Christians.  They write blogs and social media posts that others share with little or no fact checking.  All they do is distort the […]

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The Postal Vote on Same-Sex Marriage: Some Considerations


Unless a High Court challenge is successful Australians who are on the electoral role will receive envelopes posted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics from September 12 to have a say on same-sex marriage.  Responses will be due by 7 […]

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Christianity and Equality


In this blog, I’m continuing from last week’s discussion on the issues that are most important to you.  A survey of my Facebook friends revealed that matters of justice, particularly for asylum seekers and the homeless, ranked at the very […]

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Is Justice an Optional Extra?


This week on my Facebook page I asked my friends and followers to give me their opinion.  My request went like this, “I’d like to get your feedback for a blog I’m writing this week. This afternoon the Federal Liberal […]

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They Need to REPENT!


It’s no secret that I like to write and speak about current issues – be they ethical, moral, political or whatever.  It’s important to me to connect my Christian faith with the things people are talking about and experiencing in […]

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Domestic Abuse in the Church

Last week I watched a segment on ABC’s 7.30 Report about domestic abuse in the church. [1] While the reporting of some statistics by the ABC was not entirely accurate,[2] it seems there is still a level of domestic abuse […]

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Law Versus Grace?


Over the years I’ve heard many discussions about law and grace.  Those who focus on God’s law can invariably be heard expressing concerns about extreme grace (although I believe that grace, by its very nature, is extreme).  Others focus on […]

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Should the Bible Be Taken Literally?


A few weeks ago I posted a blog presenting the three main Christian views on hell.  One of the things I found interesting in the responses to the blog was the repeated theme of taking the Bible literally.  Comments were […]

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Does God Really Exist?

Ah, the eternal question – Is there a God or isn’t there? And, if there is, how do we know that he (or she or it or they) exists? Of course there are those who categorically say there is no God. We call them atheists (a = without; theos = god). In my teen years I called myself an atheist until I realized that to do so was to say that I knew everything. How did I know that God existed outside of my knowledge? Atheists, if they are honest with themselves, will realize this flaw in their logic and upgrade themselves to agnostics – those who are not sure if there is a God or not (a = without; gnosis = knowledge).

At the age of 19, through a number of dramatic incidences, I realized that I had been wrong. God did in fact exist – and that he was not just real but loving, caring and personal. Now, 32 years later – and a whole lot wiser – I am living my life to help others know this loving, caring, personal God. It is my hope that this blog will help you in this discovery. I believe there are four basic ways we can know that God exists:

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