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Christianity and Equality


In this blog, I’m continuing from last week’s discussion on the issues that are most important to you.  A survey of my Facebook friends revealed that matters of justice, particularly for asylum seekers and the homeless, ranked at the very […]

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Is Justice an Optional Extra?


This week on my Facebook page I asked my friends and followers to give me their opinion.  My request went like this, “I’d like to get your feedback for a blog I’m writing this week. This afternoon the Federal Liberal […]

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They Need to REPENT!


It’s no secret that I like to write and speak about current issues – be they ethical, moral, political or whatever.  It’s important to me to connect my Christian faith with the things people are talking about and experiencing in […]

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Domestic Abuse in the Church

Last week I watched a segment on ABC’s 7.30 Report about domestic abuse in the church. [1] While the reporting of some statistics by the ABC was not entirely accurate,[2] it seems there is still a level of domestic abuse […]

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Law Versus Grace?


Over the years I’ve heard many discussions about law and grace.  Those who focus on God’s law can invariably be heard expressing concerns about extreme grace (although I believe that grace, by its very nature, is extreme).  Others focus on […]

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Should the Bible Be Taken Literally?


A few weeks ago I posted a blog presenting the three main Christian views on hell.  One of the things I found interesting in the responses to the blog was the repeated theme of taking the Bible literally.  Comments were […]

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Does God Really Exist?

Ah, the eternal question – Is there a God or isn’t there? And, if there is, how do we know that he (or she or it or they) exists? Of course there are those who categorically say there is no God. We call them atheists (a = without; theos = god). In my teen years I called myself an atheist until I realized that to do so was to say that I knew everything. How did I know that God existed outside of my knowledge? Atheists, if they are honest with themselves, will realize this flaw in their logic and upgrade themselves to agnostics – those who are not sure if there is a God or not (a = without; gnosis = knowledge).

At the age of 19, through a number of dramatic incidences, I realized that I had been wrong. God did in fact exist – and that he was not just real but loving, caring and personal. Now, 32 years later – and a whole lot wiser – I am living my life to help others know this loving, caring, personal God. It is my hope that this blog will help you in this discovery. I believe there are four basic ways we can know that God exists:

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Binding and Loosing


In Matthew 16:19 Jesus made an interesting, and somewhat confusing, promise to one of his apprentices, Peter: “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be [or have been] bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be [or have been] loosed in heaven."  What did Jesus mean by binding and loosing?

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Understanding the Book of Job


The Book of Job in the Hebrew Scriptures is one of the most misunderstood books in the Bible. And yet, when we see the purpose of God in placing this book in Scripture, its rich meaning comes alive.

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The Gospel: Attractive or Repulsive?


Last week I posted on Social Media some concerns I have about certain comments Christian leaders have made to the media about ethical and moral issues.  In my post I upheld everyone’s right to free speech as well as the […]

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Let’s Leave Schapelle Alone

Schapelle 1280x720

One of the biggest news items in the past week has been the deportation of Schapelle Corby back to Australia from Bali. Once again her name has polarised Australians.  Some people, like me, believe in her innocence and are thrilled […]

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Is God Really Three in One?


It’s one of the most difficult Christian teachings to grasp – that God is a Trinity – that He is THREE but also ONE. This difficulty, added to the fact that it is one of the least understood Christian teachings, […]

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Are we ever satisfied?

I’m writing this blog in Indonesia where Christie and I are doing some ministry. Every time I come to Asia one of the things that stands out to me is all the advertising for “lightening, brightening, whitening” products. That’s right. […]

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Jesus in the Quran


I’ve always been aware that the Quran mentions Jesus a number of times, but it wasn’t until I had a fascinating conversation with a guy this week that I realised how much Jesus is revealed – and not just the […]

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God, Suffering and Natural Disasters


The most frequently asked question about the Christian faith goes something like this: “If God is real why do we see so much suffering and evil in the world?”  It’s a fair question and one that deserves some good answers.  […]

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Anzac Day

In March 1915 the Australian and New Zealand army corps (ANZACS) was located near Cairo, Egypt.  On April 1 that same year all leave was cancelled and two days later the soldiers departed for Turkey and the Gallipoli Peninsula.

On April 25 the advanced party rowed for the shore in small boats, but the current swept their boats away from the bay where the incline of the cliff was gradual, to a bay where the incline was steep and forbidding.

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Lead Us Not Into Temptation

I’ve just concluded a six-week teaching series on The Lord’s Prayer at Bayside Church.  I’ve loved studying the world’s most well known prayer as well as teaching others its timeless truth.  The prayer ends, “… and lead us not into […]

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The Runaway Bride


A 1999 romantic comedy, The Runaway Bride brought back together the couple we fell in love with in Pretty Woman (1990) – Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.  In The Runaway Bride Julia Roberts plays Maggie Carpenter an attractive young woman […]

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Should I Join the Illuminati?


It’s a question I thought I should get some feedback on before taking things any further.  It all came about when I recently received an email from The Order of Illuminati’s League of Billionaires (I presume they are the billionaires […]

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Is God a Man?


I’m currently teaching a series on The Lord’s Prayer at Bayside Church and one of the questions that arose early in the series concerned the masculinity of God: “Because God reveals Himself to us as Our Father does that mean […]

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