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6 July 2011 Hits:4008

I just wanted to write… about why I came back to your church this time.  What was my motivation?  It was the search for pleasure.  That sounds like a funny reason to come back to church.  People come to church because they are looking for God, or out of a sense of duty or something like that. Not because they are looking for pleasure.  That is not supposed to be the reason why anyone comes to church.  But it was the reason why I came.

I was lying in bed one Sunday morning early three weeks ago and I was reflecting on my life and it came to me that there was no pleasure or enjoyment in my life.  I mean my life is very rich and full, but it seemed to me at that time that everything I did was just drudgery.  There was no joy in it.
And the question that arose in me demanding an answer was where was I to find joy and the answer that came to me was that I was to find it in your church.  I will not say this message came to me from God, because that sounds a bit pretentious, but I will say that it seemed to arise from the innermost depths of my being. It sort of floated up from the depths of my soul.
Anyway, that instinct, that uprising, that revelation, call it what you will, has proven to be a correct receiving because coming to your church has enlivened me.

I believe that this is the answer for attracting people to church.  People will come to church when they actually feel that this is the most enjoyable and valuable thing that they can be doing.  They will come to church when they feel that church is more entertaining than going to the pictures or watching TV.
Sometimes when I am in your church I feel that there is nothing more entertaining that I could be doing in all the world.  Entertaining may seem like a trivial word, but actually in its deepest sense I think it is quite meaningful.  I mean it in a meaningful way, not a trivial way.  I feel it is really entertaining to be in church. My feelings are stirred and uplifted and enlivened. I am constantly entertained by the worship and the music.  I feel profoundly entertained by events such as that children's day.  There is nothing more enjoyable or valuable that I could be doing.  It is more entertaining than being down at Southland (shopping centre) watching some trashy and ultimately unsatisfying and unnutritious movie. The food at this church is not only wholesome and nutritious but also colourful and tasty and that is what people want.

I couldn’t agree more.  The God of Scripture, of creation, of redemption is colourful, joyful and satisfying.  His church – His people – should be the same.

“You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand” (Psalm 16:11)

Church has changed – Check it out!

Rob Buckingham

Senior Minister

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6 replies on “The Entertaining Church”

Anne Hollandsays:

Woooooooow that is a fantastic email, and puts into words I am sure, what many of us think.Sometimes when I am at a friend’s house on a Sunday afternoon and leave to come back for the evening service she says “oh do you have to go back to church tonight?” Have to go back?????? I WANT to go back !!! There is nothing on TV on a Sunday evening that would EVER match the feast of joy, yes entertainment, love, surprises, knowledge, fellowship and just a total feeling of rightness that comes from God through Bayside Church.

Zizi Paltossays:

I could not agree more with the email that says “our church is entertaining”. When my son lived with me and I would return from church on a saturday night all bubbly and alive, he’d often question where I had been, he could not fathom that you can get high on and with your church family, just being there together.
So Thanks for the Entertainment My beautiful Bayside Church !

Shalini Fiona Samuelsays:

What a lovely testimony to Bayside Church! 😀


I agree with all the writer has said. I will come to your church for a visit.

Tina Curriesays:

The only problem I have with this sentiment is that church is not very “entertaining” in parts of the world where Christians are persecuted. In fact it’s down right dangerous! Yet they gather because of their strong faith and love for their Lord, NOT to be “entertained.” Being entertained won’t be enough to get us through the tough times!! Only sincere prayer, faith and love for Lord will keep us strong to the end.


I cry every time i’m in church: the preaching, the music, people accepting Jesus………….I thought it was unsual. I know it’s a cry of happiness and I’m happy that people do have different feeling when they gather in the presence of God.

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