51 Ways to Bless Your Kids



51 Ways to Bless Your Kids

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Last weekend at Bayside Church I spoke about “Passing the Baton.” It was a message that resonated strongly with a lot of people. You can listen to or watch the message at this link:

Passing the Baton – Ps Rob Buckingham

In the message I read an article from Rachel Marie Martin’s blogspot that lists 51 things you can do that will bless your kids. This list inspires me as I seek to be a good dad to my kids. I hope it inspires you too:
(51 Things You Can Do That Will Bless Your Kids)

Rob Buckingham

Senior Minister

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Rachel Marie Martinsays:


Thanks for mentioning my article. That is very nice of you, sorry I hadn’t seen it till now. I actually have a book out now called “The Brave Art of Motherhood”, a lot of which is about passing the baton.

One of the things I think we don’t think about often is the passing the baton by way of example. We religiously take our kids to swim, piano and cheerleading lessons reminding them that we too took lessons when we were kids. But then we stop our learning, we stop playing and swimming so that we can develop those skills in our kids.

But if we still played? What if we still spent :30 minutes/day playing and participating in recitals or adult swim meets? What if showed them that all the hard work doesn’t have to end when you have kids, but it can be skills they develop over a lifetime?

There is some power in having your kids in the stands cheering you on too. 🙂

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