The Way Up Is Down – Part 5 – The Bottom Rung

10 November 2002

The Way Up Is Down – Part 5 – The Bottom Rung

The world says, “The way up is up.”  “Down” is for losers & cowards (down and out, downfall, downscale, downhill, downhearted).  “Up” is for winners & heroes (upscale, up and coming, upwardly mobile, upper class).  From the world’s perspective UP is the only way to go!  But the Bible teaches the opposite: “The way up is down.”  This series is based on Paul’s letter to the Philippian church, chapter 2:1-11 and explores  how this principle of “The way up is down” applies to various areas of the Christian life – Commitment, servanthood, humility, obedience, joy, and power!

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