Bayside Steps 1 | Step to God

Bayside Steps 1 | Step to God

Bayside Steps 1 | Step to God

Step to God is the first step of Bayside Church’s discipleship pathway.  This is a foundational step of what we believe as a Church community.

We will be running the next session online, on Saturday 18 June from 8.50am to 1pm. This allows for great times of interaction and connection. The sessions for Step to God are listed below.

  • Knowing God (relational nature of God)
  • Knowing God’s Heart (living by grace, justice and mercy)
  • Knowing God’s Kingdom (through the Word & prayer)
  • Expressing God’s Kingdom (through Baptism & Communion)
  • Empowered for God’s Kingdom (through Baptism of the Holy Spirit)

Completing this step is paramount for those that desire to serve at Bayside Church.

Past Participants Feedback:

Excellent course. I found it very insightful and inspiring and well detailed and explained, which gave me a much better understanding of all topics covered. It couldn’t have come at a better time when we are leaning in more towards God during this challenging time in our live. Four hours was a good time as I prefer doing it in one session. I also found it easier to comment doing the course online as I am usually shy and hold back when face to face. Thanks so much to all those involved in planning and executing such a wonderful course.

It was very well presented and inspired me in my journey with the Lord.




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