Bayside Steps 1 | Step to God

Step to God is the first step of Bayside Church’s discipleship pathway.  This is a foundational step of what we believe as a Church community.

Due to COVID-19 the course is offered on Zoom. 

The half-day training covers topics such as

  • Knowing God (relational nature of God)
  • Knowing God’s Heart (living by grace, justice and mercy)
  • Knowing God’s Kingdom (through the Word & prayer)
  • Expressing God’s Kingdom (through Baptism & Communion)
  • Empowered for God’s Kingdom (through Baptism of the Holy Spirit)

Completing this step is paramount for those that desire to serve at Bayside Church.

Past Participants Feedback:

Excellent course. I found it very insightful and inspiring and well detailed and explained, which gave me a much better understanding of all topics covered. It couldn’t have come at a better time when we are leaning in more towards God during this challenging time in our live. Four hours was a good time as I prefer doing it in one session. I also found it easier to comment doing the course online as I am usually shy and hold back when face to face. Thanks so much to all those involved in planning and executing such a wonderful course.

It was very well presented and inspired me in my journey with the Lord.




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