Bayside Steps 1 – Step to God

Step to God is the first step of Bayside Church’s discipleship pathway.  This is a foundational step of what we believe as a Church community.

Due to COVID-19 the course is now being offered in an online platform. Those that registered in March will be able to participate in the course on 2 May. Further advice will be provided for future courses.

The half-day training covers topics such as

  • Knowing God (relational nature of God)
  • Knowing God’s Heart (living by grace, justice and mercy)
  • Knowing God’s Kingdom (through the Word & prayer)
  • Expressing God’s Kingdom (through Baptism & Communion)
  • Empowered for God’s Kingdom (through Baptism of the Holy Spirit)

Completing this step is paramount for those that desire to serve at Bayside Church.