Angel Tree

On Christmas Day, thousands of children in Australia open a present from their father or mother or grandparent who is not there – they are in prison. If it were not for Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree, these children would miss out on a gift from their missing relative. Angel Tree is an international program through which incarcerated relatives can nominate their children by supplying name, age, gender, carer’s contact details and, if possible, the interests of the children.

Prison Fellowship then calls on supporters and friends to donate gifts or money to buy gifts. These are then delivered to the homes of the children or given out at a prison Christmas party.

The aim of Angel Tree is it is to let the child know their parent is thinking of them and to give the mums and dads in prison the opportunity to send a gift through the generosity of those who love the Lord.

Angel Tree In-Prison Parties

Every year at prison Christmas parties, Prison Fellowship provide gifts to parents which the parent has the opportunity to give their own child.  Each gift is accompanied with a Christmas storybook explaining the Gospel.

Gift Donations

Prison Fellowship is seeking donations of gifts ($30 value) suitable for children aged 0-16.

Pick up a name of a child and age as well as suggested gift ideas by emailing with the Subject Angel Tree.

All gifts need to be handed into Bayside Church by 9 December 2020.