Bayside Creation Care

Bayside Creation Care recognises the mission given to care for the Earth.  The Earth is the handiwork of God and is an essential part of creation.  It is sacred because it contains a revelation of God and relationship to God. It is home to both human and non-human life forms that require sustainable stewardship in order for them to exist.

God is actively working to restore creation to wholeness and He calls His church to participate.

Bayside Creation Care aims to engage, educate and empower the Bayside Church community about the God-given mandate to steward and care for all creation.

Currently, statistics show that if everyone lived like an Australian, three earths would be needed to sustain the demand.  Current habits and practices around put pressure on resources and overall contribute to issues such as climate change.

Bayside Creation Care’s aim is to activate a change in culture from a consumer, convenience mindset to community members who take responsibility for the impact their choices have on the world around them.

 2019 Goals

  • To introduce and implement better waste management systems to minimise the volume of waste going to landfill. Landfill waste contributes to greenhouse emissions.
  • To introduce and implement better procurement practices in order to increase purchasing of sustainable or recycled options.

Those interested in learning are invited to join the Bayside Creation Care Facebook group


Bayside Creation Care will upload E-Resources to facilitate learning.

Sandra Cavallo
Amelia Pickering