Vision of Bayside Church

The vision for Bayside Church is that we will increasingly be a church that is healthy, focused on Jesus and His Word, Spirit-led and aware of our responsibilities to our local community and beyond.

This covers four main areas that will be outlined in Vision Booklet available below:

  • Release

Equipping and releasing God’s people for the work of the ministry and service.

  • Restoration & Relief

Bayside Church is committed to scriptural, redemptive and restorative justice. We seek to assist each person to strive towards this form of justice. We are committed to assisting those who work to see an end to human slavery and poverty, those without homes, the trafficked, the voiceless and those who are marginalised.

  • Relevance

Redeeming the use of the media and the arts in order to be culturally relevant and reach people that are spiritually aware/seeking.

  • Relationships

Bayside Church to be a leader, a faithful presence and a positive influence through relationships in the Church and community – local and global.


Click on the link below to download our ‘2016 Vision & Beyond’ booklet to see where we are going as a church.

Vision Booklet Download