Rob Buckingham

rob-buckinghamUntil the age of 19, Rob Buckingham was a self professed atheist and didn’t think too highly of Christians until his life collided … literally.  While hitchhiking around Australia, Rob had a near death experience in a truck as it collided with another truck.  Both the driver and Rob survived the ordeal, but the occupants in the other truck unfortunately didn’t.

After leaving hospital, Rob was invited to stay with the truckie’s family.  They were devout Christians and decided to challenge his perception that God was non existent. The truckie explained God could be personable, loving and caring. Shortly after Rob attended their church and committed his life to Jesus.

Rob became a popular professional breakfast announcer in Western Australia and went on to have the number one program in Geraldton. In 1984, Rob was called to pastoral ministry and attended Bible college where he trained to become an ordained pastor.

In 1988, Rob moved to Melbourne to become an Assistant Pastor of Lighthouse Church in Keysborough serving as Minister of Christian Education.

In addition to his call to Christian ministry, Rob’s love for the air waves continued and he went on to work at 3MP for 15 years and hosted 3MP’s Rob Buckingham and Friends program each Sunday from 1993-1999. He interviewed guests such as Whitney Houston, Lionel Ritchie and as well as many well known community figures.

In 1992, Rob pioneered a church in the Bayside suburb of Cheltenham which he commenced with a small group of people. From humble beginnings the church has now grown to become large and influential in the city of Melbourne with campuses in Cheltenham and Frankston.

A passionate and fiery Irish woman caught Rob’s eye and in January 1994 Christie McClay became his wife. Together they have been an unbreakable team and share the passion of growing a local church that loves people.

In December 2002 Rob began working with Melbourne’s new Christian radio station, Light FM, where he worked as a Music Director for many years.

Considered a fun-loving guy with a huge passion for life and love of people, Rob wants his life to count, with no regrets. As a Christian Minister he loves seeing people’s lives changed and transformed by the power of God through what he says and does.

Aside from his love of corny jokes, Rob loves all sorts of music (except country and western), action movies, reading books and keeping fit.

Rob and Christie have three daughters, Georgia-Grace, Paris and Trinity.

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Senior Pastor
Rob Buckingham