What to Expect

If you’re new to Bayside or considering coming along, we imagine you may have some questions and therefore we will endeavour to answer a few.

What types of people go to the church?

People who attend Bayside Church mainly live in the Bayside area of Melbourne. Bayside Church welcomes all ages and stages, from young children to the elderly and is a family-oriented church. We have people here from all different backgrounds and from over 60 nationalities.

How long will the church service go for?

The entire service is usually concluded within an hour and a half.

The service order can vary slightly, but we usually begin with the band and singers leading the congregation in three or four praise and worship songs. This is followed by a welcome, announcements and the Bayside News video of what’s coming up at church. We then receive an offering and teach a message that is relevant to everyday life.

What is the music like?

The Bayside Church Worship Team focuses on contemporary Christian music from a variety of different Christian artists and bands such as Chris Tomlin, Hillsong & Jesus Culture.  We also include some classic Christian songs and hymns from time to time.

Why do people raise their hands whilst singing songs?

Raising hands is part of an outward expression of worshiping God. Much like if you were to go to a concert or a sports arena, you will see people raising their hands as an act of joy, excitement and surrender. Raising hands is not obligatory; it just comes naturally as part of an outward expression of worship.

What’s the difference between a Saturday evening and Sunday morning service?

There generally isn’t any difference in terms of the service content. There is a slight difference in demographics. Sunday morning tends to attract young families and older people whereas the Saturday evening congregation consists of youth, young adults and families.

What’s the 4th Sunday Presence Service all about?

This service is where we have no time agenda. There is usually more singing and depending on who is leading the service an extended time for prayer. It’s also a time where supernatural gifts such as prophecy and healing take place. However the outward working of these gifts do also take place in any of our services.

Does your Church encourage speaking in tongues?

You may have heard about speaking in tongues. It’s nothing to be fearful of. In the Book of Acts, when people were filled with the Holy Spirit they began to speak in another language, a language they did not understand. We believe this was an outward sign that still continues today. So you may hear people in their prayer time during the service praying in a strange language. This language is a gift from God. If you would like more information about this and would like to speak to someone feel free to ask any of our pastoral staff.

What should I wear?

Feel free to wear whatever you are most comfortable in. Most Baysiders wear smart casual attire to services.

Where do I park?

Although Bayside Church does not have its own dedicated car park, there is plenty of on-street parking in the neighbouring streets which is unrestricted on weekends. Please ask a car park attendant if you are in doubt.

Where should I sit?

You are welcome to sit wherever you like in the auditorium. There are designated wider rows for parents with prams at the back of the auditorium. If you are unsure where to go, just ask one of our friendly ushers and they will help find you a seat.

Do I need to give money?

We do not expect guests to give in the offering. At no time are members of Bayside Church under any compulsion to give, however we do teach Biblical principles of generosity.

What about children?

At all Bayside Church services we have children’s ministry available so that parents can enjoy the service. We have Buddies (walking – pre-school aged) and Kidz Rock (primary school aged) programs.  Your children can expect to have fun and learn about God and Jesus and how Christian faith can make the world a better place.

What if I don’t want my children to go into children’s ministry?

That is totally fine. You are more than welcome to have your children with you in the service.

What about teenagers?

At Bayside we encourage all generations to worship God together at one of our weekend services.  In addition we also have the Bayside Youth program that takes place on Friday nights.