Bayside Healing Rooms

Are you sick of being sick?

Bayside Healing Rooms provide a loving, safe, confidential environment where you can come to receive healing prayer for your body, soul, or spirit.

Enjoy God’s presence, as trained teams will pray ready to release the healing power of God.

Open once a month on the third Thursday from 7.30-9pm, Bayside Healing Rooms is open to the community and at no cost. No appointment is necessary.

2017 Dates:

16 Feb, 16 Mar, 20 Apr, 18 May, 15 Jun, 20 Jul, 1 Aug, 21 Sept, 19 Oct, 16 Nov


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Healing Rooms?

Bayside Healing Rooms is a place to receive healing prayer. The Rooms are open to everyone, whether you are a Christian or not. Teams of trained prayers will pray and invite God’s healing anointing. Each prayer team is staffed with three trained prayer ministers from a variety of Christian churches.

Will I be healed?

Some receive their healing instantly by a miraculous touch from God, while others receive their healing progressively over a period of days, weeks, or months. The trained team are committed to partnering with Jesus to see you  healed!  The prayer model is derived from the International Association of Healing Rooms. We believe Jesus’ desire is to heal and we pray for healing through his Word, but ultimately we leave the results to Him.

No Medical Advice Given

Bayside Healing Rooms is a prayer ministry and no medical or nutritional advice will be given. The Bayside Healing Rooms do not replace medical advice. We advise that no medication is stopped without proper advice from a medical practitioner.


Testimonies From Visitors:

“I entered the Healing Rooms with anger issues and feeling like I was under a lot of stress and this was affecting my eyes. I really felt the power of God move through my body like never before. The prayers were powerful and as I opened my heart I felt God was revealing things in my life that I needed to deal with to bring restoration.”


“I came in with severe pain that I have experienced for two years. While I was being prayed for, I felt a shift and began trusting for complete healing. My pain level was 8/10 when I arrived and I left completely pain free.”


“When I arrived at the Healing Rooms, I was suffering from severe pain, extreme fatigue, and many other things. I also have fibromyalgia. Throughout the night, from prayer and just soaking in God’s presence, I felt a great sense of peace and hope. I left the Healing Rooms with the pain greatly reduced in my neck and back; from 7/10 to 1/10.”


“I felt the battle resurface while I was being prayed for. Eventually, I felt Jesus come and take me from where I had been held captive. Thank Jesus for saving me.”


“As soon as I entered the Healing Rooms I felt the presence of God and peace came over me as I just spent time in His presence and my anxiety began to subside. I felt contentment deep inside.”


“After receiving prayer, I felt as though I was walking on clouds and I came to realise that Jesus really does love me. The prayer team were spot on with the things that they prayed and it could only have been God with the personal things that were revealed.”


“I had a painful lump on my finger which prevented me from using that finger. Through the prayer time, the lump visibly decreased in size and that is how I can now write this testimony.”


“As people prayed for me, God spoke encouragement into my life. This helped confirm to me that I needed to give my challenges to Him and that He knows what my issues are and is taking care of them.”

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