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Jesus was Politically Correct

We hear a lot these days about political correctness, a term that was popularised by a 1990 article in the New York Times by Richard Berstein.  It was initially a term coined by the far-left but has, in more recent […]

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Are all Governments Established by God? (Romans 13)

A few weeks ago, I taught a vital message at Bayside Church titled, “Is the Bible really true?”  I encourage you to listen to the podcast. [1] In this message, I teach that the Bible contains many different kinds of […]

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Laughter the best medicine

The old adage says laughter is the best medicine, but how much does laughter actually affect one's wellbeing?

I read with interest recently when the Herald Sun reported the visit of “humour therapists” to nursing home residents with dementia.

“Four hundred residents from 36 nursing homes took part in the SMILE study led by University of NSW researchers who wanted to see if humour had an effect on people with dementia in terms of their mood, agitation levels, behaviour and social engagement.The researchers worked with ‘humour therapist’ Jean-Paul Bell, who co-founded the Humour Foundation and works as a ‘clown doctor’ cheering up patients in children's hospitals.”

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Christianity: A Clash of Cultures

There are over 100 references of the word “gospel” mentioned by several authors in the New Testament.  But it wasn’t a new word that they made up to describe what was accomplished and offered by Jesus.  It was a well-known […]

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The Power of Christian Unity

Since becoming a Christian at the age of 19, I’ve always loved it when the church expresses its God-given unity. God loves it too!  In Psalm 133 He says, “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together […]

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I Just Want to Be Happy

I’d love to have a dollar for every time I’ve heard the words, “I just want to be happy.”  And I hear those words more and more as we increasingly become an individualistic, self-focused society.  Sadly, this phrase even comes […]

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Beating Flus and Winter Blues

Welcome to winter! It’s a wonderful season in many ways but one of the downsides is the increase of sickness and sadness. SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder and is a type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons, […]

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Why I Do What I Do

A number of years ago I was sitting around a dinner table enjoying a wonderful meal with a number of pastors.  One of the topics of conversation that came up that night centered around the question, “Why do you do […]

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What’s All This About Speaking in Tongues?

The Bible contains many references to a supernatural spiritual gift which is usually referred to as the gift of tongues or speaking in tongues:  the ability to communicate in a language that you have not learned by ordinary means.  It’s […]

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Does God Make Some People for Hell?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog responding to some comments made by Wallabies superstar Israel Folau. [1] He was asked on an Instagram post what he thought God’s plan was for gay people.  Israel’s answer was, “HELL […]

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An Open Letter to Kim Jong Un

Dear Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. I have been so encouraged of late to see such sincere developments occurring between your nation and south Korea, as well as the United States of America.  I’m excited about […]

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Israel Folau and “God’s Plan”

A few weeks ago, Wallabies superstar Israel Folau caused an online furore stating that gay people will go to hell unless they repent.  His comment was in response to a question from an Instagram user, Mike Sephton, who asked: “what […]

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Acceptance: A Powerful Force!

Acceptance is a powerful force as well as a basic human need.  We all desire to be accepted and hate to be rejected.  Often Christians struggle to accept a person because they feel they may be compromising their morality by being accepting.  This struggle is the result of a misunderstanding of the depth of God’s love and acceptance for all of us.

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Anzac Day

In March 1915 the Australian and New Zealand army corps (ANZACS) was located near Cairo, Egypt.  On April 1 that same year all leave was cancelled and two days later the soldiers departed for Turkey and the Gallipoli Peninsula.

On April 25 the advanced party rowed for the shore in small boats, but the current swept their boats away from the bay where the incline of the cliff was gradual, to a bay where the incline was steep and forbidding.

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What Kind of Christian Are You?

In asking this question I’m not referring to the denomination or style of the church you’re part of (or not part of).  Over my 30 years as a pastor, I’ve observed many “kinds” of people who refer to themselves as […]

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Why is Christian Unity so Hard?

In Jesus’ prayer recorded in John 17 He said, “I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in […]

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Aren’t All Religions the Same?

Don’t all religions teach the same things?  It’s a question I’m asked on a regular basis when people realise I’m a Christian.  It’s kind of like saying, “I know you’re Christian, but lots of people are religious and believe in […]

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“I never knew you; depart from me!” – Jesus

Over my years in pastoral ministry, I have spoken to many people who have been unsettled by a verse or two from the Bible.  I mean, there are some pretty blunt warnings and, in some cases, quite frightening predictions.  Such […]

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A Tribute to Billy Graham

Billy Graham is the most well-known Christian of the last century.  He was a household name, known even to me in my atheist days, although I didn’t give him much thought.  But, since my conversion is 1977, I have had […]

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Moralise, Christianise or Evangelise

Many people have completely the wrong idea about Christianity and what it means to be a Christian. The sad fact is often they get this wrong idea from Christians themselves!  Let me explain …

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