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Japan Emergency Relief

As always at Bayside Church we want to do what we can to make a difference.  We will be working closely with World Outreach that has a base in Osaka – Jesus Family Church founded by Graeme & Lucy Fawcett.  While Osaka felt the quake, no major damage has been done there. However, like elsewhere throughout Japan and North Asia, everyone’s major concern is the spread of radiation.  Graeme Fawcett writes, “ if friends of World Outreach want to give toward the earthquake / tsunami relief, then we at Jesus Family are happy to facilitate their kindness, and will direct such practical help to fellow Christian organizations based in the northern part of Japan who have established earthquake / tsunami crisis relief programs in some of the devastated areas.” 
Just as the visuals of the devastation in Japan have stirred us, let us also be stirred by the Holy Spirit to pray for the people of Japan.  One Japanese politician likened the disaster to that of the World War 2. The world’s Christian community did not really respond to Japan back then, however times are different and the people of Japan need our prayers more than ever.  Pray for open hearts to not only receive practical help, but also hearts that will reach out to know TRUTH – JESUS.  Christ is very much a key part of the answer for Japan to truly recovery from this horrific natural disaster.

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