Creative Word Workshop

Creative Word Workshop

Creative Word Workshop

Creative Word Workshop

The Bible is filled with creative imagery, and that imagery often brings with it spiritual understanding, feeling or emotion. Spending time in the Word is a spiritual discipline we encourage at Bayside Church and features as part of our annual New Year Restart.

For this workshop on Saturday 25 February, as part of the Loving the Word discipline in the New year Restart, we will explore a Psalm and meditate on the imagery we read. We will spend time worshipping and using a visual art process (painting, drawing, collage or mixed). We will express our feelings, spiritual leanings and worship with mark-making and creating.

There will be space at the end of the workshop to share and reflect.

You do not need to have visual art or creative experience to participate, as this is a personal journey of worship for you to explore with God.

For this workshop, you will need to bring the materials you would like to use, including canvas or paper, or you may wish to start a visual journal to continue the process with other Scriptures.

You will also need mark-making tools, paint, pencils, markers, and charcoal; to create a collage, you will need magazines, glue and scissors.

A light morning tea will be provided.



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