Devote 3: 2021 Initiatives

In 2021 we will devote ourselves to three key initiatives as a part of fulfilling our vision and mission as a church.

Activities of community: Live life together

  • Reimagine community through in-person gatherings, online, connect groups and pop-up community events.

Activities of growth: Become more like Jesus

  • Establish Bayside’s discipleship pathway – Bayside Steps – and introduce Step to Leadership
    • Introduce Freed to Lead as Advanced Step for Staff for late 2021 and look at introducing this step in 2022 as part of advanced training
  • Read the Gospels with a special focus on what Jesus was like and how we might become more like him.

Activities of justice, mercy and faith: Active love

  • Reimagine what it looks like to love your neighbour. Create your own stories of justice, mercy and faith.