Church in Action

Bayside Church is known for its generosity, and one way we see this powerfully displayed is in the willingness of our people to serve! Getting your hands dirty, getting stuff done behind the scenes, giving of yourself so that others can enjoy and be blessed, is what we’re all about.

Our C.I.A. teams make our weekend services happen.  Church simply wouldn’t get started without them! We run the carpark, greet you at the door, pass the buckets, serve communion and teas and coffees. We serve our visitors in the visitor’s lounge with our smiling faces and listening ears.

The great thing about serving in this area is that it’s simple and easy! Just one service a month, working alongside great people, getting a big job done with lots of willing hands. Serving God by serving others, you can’t beat that feeling!

Connections happen when you step out, offer your help and get involved … why not start today?

Volunteering at Bayside

Kaye Breeuwer