Together Forever Marriage Workshop


Romantic relationships can be exciting but can often feel like hard work. If you have felt like this, welcome to the real world of the couple’s relationships. You are not alone!

Come and explore the wise words by Dr Scott Stanley – “Starting well is easy … finishing well takes something more.”

Together Forever Marriage Workshop is a six-hour experiential workshop designed to enhance your relationship.


Content Includes:

  • Learning the evolution of a relationship and the stage that your relationship is at
  • Discovering the seven elements of a healthy relationship
  • Discovering how do partner’s brains interact during moments of conflict and how to regulate emotions
  • Learning what is each partner’s contribution to the communication dynamics being experienced in the relationship
  • Biblical principles to experience ‘life in abundance’ and transform your relationship into ‘a cord of three strands that is not easily broken’ (John 10:10, Ecc 4:12)

The useful and practical skills you will learn are based on the latest research by leaders in couples’ relationships field including Drs John and Julie Gottman, Dr Dan Siegel and Dr, Susan Johnson.


About the Facilitator

Tita Desler is a qualified relationships counsellor.  Tita worked at LifeWorks Melbourne as a Couples Counsellor and Coordinator of Family and Relationship Education for many years.


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Days: Will run 2020
Location: Bayside Church, 99-101 Argus St, Cheltenham