One Course


The One Course is a ten-week discussion-based course designed to equip singles to live out their God-given purpose in Him.

Course Aims

The course helps participants become self-aware in decision making and empowers them to make healthy choices.

Course Outline

Each week the course looks at different topics including reflecting on cultural perceptions of singleness; examining the single life of Jesus; developing one’s identity; navigating life when it doesn’t go according to plan; identifying vulnerabilities and establishing strategies; looking at how a surrendered heart brings new life and fulfilling one’s need for intimacy in a healthy way.

Who Is This Course For?

The course is designed for any single or single again adult.  It’s suitable from a young 20 something to someone who is grappling with being single after decades of marriage.

How is the Course Run?

We believe we achieve the best level of freedom, safety and transparency when the course is run as female-only and male-only groups. Of course, there are always things to learn from the opposite gender, however, for the purpose of the latter, we run the course in separate groups.

Testimonies from Female Participants

An honest, sensitive, insightful series of discussions leading us to see our singleness from God’s perspective (with insight from God’s word). An opportunity to share, listen, learn and contribute to building ourselves and others within the group to joyfully accept and embrace where God has us right now.

Through doing this One Course, I realised I didn’t have to define myself in a negative way because I was single. I was able to appreciate that I had a whole lot more to offer as a person than my marital status.

Male Participant Testimonies

This course helped me realise that I am not alone. It has allowed to place my worries and anxieties at God’s feet and commit to placing my trust in Him. Let Him lead me to what He wants for me and arm myself for the journey with His word in my heart.

Attending the One Course taught me how to build my relationship with God and in so doing improve my relationship with myself.



Days: Monday 7 October - 9 December