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Climate Change: End of the World?

It appears that American radio evangelists are not the only ones to give false predictions about the end of the world.  Recently, evangelist Harold Camping falsely predicted that the world would end at 6pm on May 21st.  But here we still are!

For centuries people have been prophesying the end of the world.  All of them have been wrong! The oldest surviving prediction of the world’s imminent demise was found inscribed upon an Assyrian clay tablet which stated: “Our earth is degenerate in these latter days. There are signs that the world is speedily coming to an end.”  The prediction is dated 2,800BC.  It could have been written yesterday.

The funniest prediction occurred in 1809 when Mary Bateman, who specialised in fortune telling, had a magic chicken that laid eggs with end-time messages on them.  One message said that Christ was coming.  The uproar she created ended when an unannounced visitor caught her forcing an egg into the hen’s oviduct.

These days there are a lot of people trying to force a magic egg into the rectum of society – man-made climate change.  Do I believe in climate change?  Yes, I certainly do.  But how much man is to blame for this is still not conclusive.  Climate has always changed.  The earth has lived through five “glacial ages” the most recent of them, known as the ice age, was about 20,000 years ago – well before man-made carbon emissions.

A glacial age is a period of long-term reduction in the temperature of the earth’s surface and atmosphere resulting in the expansion of continental ice sheets, polar ice sheets and alpine glaciers.  The time between glacial ages is known as the interglacial period during which the earth’s temperature warms and ice sheets shrink.  This has happened for thousands of years.  We’re living in an interglacial period now.

I repeat, I do believe in climate change.  I also believe that, where possible, humans should reduce the amount of pollution we pump into the atmosphere.  The problem with linking them together though is that it provides a breeding ground for alarmists who are trying to push their political agenda at the expense of Australia’s economy (and the economies of other nations too).

These same alarmists have been pushing their magic eggs for over a decade.  But we’re starting to see the eggs crack.

For example, the United Nations said there would be 50,000 climate refugees by, um … last year.  They’ve now changed that to 2020.  In 2000, the Climatic Research Unit said snow would be a thing of the past in England by now.  James Hansen of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, said the Westside Highway in New York would be underwater by now.  Also, the Arctic Ocean was supposed to be free of summer sea-ice by 2008.  Others have now changed this to 2030, some to 2080.  The same false predictions have been made for increases in sea levels and global temperatures that have not increased anywhere near the amounts suggested by alarmists.

If you want to read more on this then simply Google “False climate change predictions.”  You’ll be amazed at the amount of real information there is on this subject.

Now, can we please remove the magic egg?

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