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Caring For Planet Earth – At What Cost?

I’m not one of those Christians who think we shouldn’t care for the environment because one day God’s going to make a new earth.  That’s like saying: “One day God’s going to give me a new body so why bother to give the one I’ve got right now the rest, exercise and good food it needs?”  We look after our bodies because we have to live with them right now – and that’s the same reason we should look after the earth!  (See Genesis 2:15).

But not everyone is driven by this motivation of care.  Some people are motivated by fear – fear of the future if we don’t change our ways now.  Others are driven by a trendy political correctness – i.e. it’s cool to be a greenie!

Whatever our motivation we Aussies find ourselves in an invidious situation.  Whatever we do to care for the environment, especially to stem global warming, is going to make very little difference to the planet as a whole.  You see we are not the problem.  Two nations in particular – India and China – are the main culprits in pumping greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.  These countries have one goal in mind – to become prosperous, first world nations; and they are well on the way.  They don’t care what harm they do to the planet; they want to become rich!

Meanwhile, Australia is becoming all planet-conscious – penalizing ourselves to make a difference that we cannot make.  So, we’ll pay more for food, power & petrol (if you think prices are high now just wait!).  Forget about other countries laughing at us because we ban photos of naked minors from a public art gallery.  This one’s the real joke; and nations like India and China are laughing all the way to the bank!

Now, please hear me.  I’m not saying we shouldn’t care for the environment.  I am saying that we need to have a balanced environmental approach that takes into account the health of Australia – its businesses and its people.

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