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In my last blog I stated my concerns about Australia’s carbon emissions trading scheme and the impact it could have on our future economy.  Before I make further comment on this let me clarify a three things:

  1. I believe God created planet earth (and the whole universe for that matter) and that He gave it to the human race with the instruction to care for it (see Genesis 2:15).
  2. I believe we need to do everything we can to make sure this planet is the best home for future generations.
  3. I believe we need to have a realistic view of what we as Australians can do to safeguard the future.

The truth is that if Australia shut down tomorrow it would have little or no effect on global warming – we are just too small to make a difference.  We only emit 1.5% of the world’s carbon dioxide whereas India and China together are responsible for 42% and the USA makes up a significant part of the rest.

The argument I am frequently hearing is that Australia must go down this road in order to set a “good example” that the rest of the world will follow.  I’m all for setting a good example but my question is: “Will the rest of the world follow us?”  Me thinks not!  Last year China released its own global warming strategy that refused to cut its total emissions.  Yes, they will make a good show for the Olympics but after the world spotlight is off them they’ll go straight back to pumping copious quantities of gases into the atmosphere.

Last month India issued its National Action Plan on Climate Change stating that they would rather save their people from poverty than global warming – and who can blame them?

And so I come back to my original comments in my last blog.  I am concerned about the environment – yes.  But I am also concerned that Australia is heading down a track that has the potential to cripple the country we love without making a scrap of difference to the global environment.  Already Mobil has threatened to close its Altona refinery because of carbon trading.  They will simply relocate the refinery to another country to reduce their costs.  The result?  The same gases pumped into the atmosphere just from a different location; and, 350 jobs lost from the Australian economy; and, increased fuel prices in Australia.  Just this morning Qantas are warning they will cut 2000 jobs because of high fuel prices.  And this is just the beginning!  Let’s wake up and speak up before it’s too late!

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