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Atheists are full of hot air

This week the Herald Sun reported another example of atheists wasting their time on the non-existent God.  Leading atheist Edwin Kagin staged a de-baptism ritual during which he donned a robe, said a few mock-Latin phrases and then invited his fellow non-believers to “come forward now and receive the spirit of hot air that taketh away the stigma and the remnants of the stain of baptismal water.”  Participants were then blasted with hot air from a hair dryer.

The one thing I do agree with Kagin on, is his belief that parents are wrong to baptize their children before they are able to make their own choices.  Nowhere does the Bible teach infant baptism.  Baptism is always of a person who has personally chosen to make Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior.

Ironically, according to Wikipedia, Kagin's "son became a Christian minister after having 'a personal revelation of Jesus Christ'."

So, my atheist friends please stop going on about the non-existent God.  Get over your preoccupation with those of us who believe in Him, and please learn to be honest like your agnostic cousins.  To say categorically that there is no God is tantamount to saying “I know everything.” Agnostics are honest.  They admit that there could be a God – they are just not sure.  All the rest is just a lot of hot air – from a hair dryer!

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