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Mozzies & Gossips


The winter and spring we’ve just had in Melbourne and Victoria has been wetter than usual, and the recent floods and heavy rain have provided the perfect breeding grounds for pests, especially mosquitos.  As a result, public health authorities have […]

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Some Thoughts On President Elect Trump


Last week, on the morning of the US Elections, I put the following status on my Facebook page: “Well, after almost two years of Primaries and the race for the White House, Election Day has finally arrived for the US. […]

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Jesus On Singleness and Sexual Diversity


A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog titled Jesus on Divorce. My comments were based on Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 19 in response to questions about divorce and remarriage. The disciples’ reaction to Jesus’ teaching on divorce was […]

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Why I Do What I Do


A number of years ago I was sitting around a dinner table enjoying a wonderful meal with a number of pastors.  One of the topics of conversation that came up that night centered around the question, “Why do you do […]

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Jesus On Divorce


On many occasions during Jesus’ ministry years the religious leaders asked him questions to test, trap and trip Him up.  They failed every time of course!  One such instance was written down by Jesus’ disciple Matthew (Matt 19:1-15 NIV) when […]

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The Changing Face of Marriage


There is no doubt in my mind that “in the beginning” God had a very definite view of marriage.  In Genesis 2 the woman is taken out of the man’s side (as his equal).  There is no mention of a […]

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Should I Make My Children Come to Church?


This week on my Facebook page I asked parents to give me feedback on this question: “If your children don’t want to come to church should you still bring them along?”  I went on to say, “I realise that there […]

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What if Everyone Practised ‘The Golden Rule’?


It’s one of the oldest life truths known to the human race. Jesus taught it, but it predates him by almost two thousand years and is found in every world religion.  It’s the ultimate key to a fruitful and satisfying […]

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Is it Possible to Disagree Respectfully?


I enjoy writing a weekly blog; I love tackling the tough topics and looking for ways to express my Christian faith by engaging with the issues of the day.  I also appreciate the interaction that we make available on the […]

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Is Hell Eternal Torture?


I was talking to a couple from Bayside Church recently and they were telling me about a conversation they’d had with another Christian.  I guess they were just checking with me if what they were being told – on a […]

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You Call Yourself Christian?

Blog 237 - 1024px-Oslo_view_of_city

In last week’s blog I mentioned a book I read while on holiday recently: One of Us by journalist Asne Seierstad. In it the author brilliantly presents the story of Anders Behring Breivik, the man who killed 77 people (and […]

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Far Right, Extreme Left


Extremism is at the heart of pretty much every distasteful and unpleasant thing that happens on this planet and every day we see glaring examples. The fascinating thing is that those on the right think they’re always right, while those […]

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Who Should I Vote For?

This blog is based on my November 2014 blog and has been slightly amended. The Australian Federal election is this Saturday 2 July.  This means that we have had a lengthy political campaign during which we have heard many promises […]

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The Right to Die

Last week, I listened to an interesting discussion on euthanasia on a Melbourne radio station. The host interviewed a Christian minister who, of course, was anti-euthanasia. And so I decided to make this subject a discussion point on social media. […]

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Laughter the best medicine

The old adage says laughter is the best medicine, but how much does laughter actually affect one's wellbeing?

I read with interest recently when the Herald Sun reported the visit of “humour therapists” to nursing home residents with dementia.

“Four hundred residents from 36 nursing homes took part in the SMILE study led by University of NSW researchers who wanted to see if humour had an effect on people with dementia in terms of their mood, agitation levels, behaviour and social engagement.The researchers worked with ‘humour therapist’ Jean-Paul Bell, who co-founded the Humour Foundation and works as a ‘clown doctor’ cheering up patients in children's hospitals.”

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Beating Flus and Winter Blues

Welcome to winter! It’s a wonderful season in many ways but one of the downsides is the increase of sickness and sadness. SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder and is a type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons, […]

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Banning Late-Term Abortions

I must confess to a certain amount of trepidation in writing this blog as it’s on one of “those” topics – you know, the ones that tend to generate a high level of emotional response no matter what “side” you […]

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Discrepancies in the Bible

All this year at Bayside Church we’re reading a Harmony of the Gospels. This method of Bible reading helps to see the chronology of events in the life of Jesus and better understand how the accounts relate to each other. […]

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Moralise, Christianise or Evangelise

Many people have completely the wrong idea about Christianity and what it means to be a Christian. The sad fact is often they get this wrong idea from Christians themselves!  Let me explain …

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The Church has Lost its Voice

I had an interesting conversation with some friends last week during which one of them shared about a Christian gathering they’d attended. I was aware of the meeting, but was unable to go so I asked how it went. My […]

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