Sleep at the G

Thursday, May 17th, 2018
5pm - 8am
Melbourne Cricket Ground

Bayside Church is committed to assisting those who work to end homelessness.  One of our key initiatives in 2018 is to participate as a church group in Melbourne City Mission’s Sleep at the G event.

Can you imagine being a teenager with no safe place to call home? Being homeless is traumatic – and often dangerous. Yet it’s the reality for over 7,000 young people in Victoria right now. They have no secure place of their own, and are often forced into unsafe housing, someone’s couch – or in some cases, out on the street. In one of the world’s most liveable cities, we know you’ll agree this is not ok.

Sleep at the ’G is your chance to do something about it by raising necessary funds to help this issue.

To register as part of the Bayside Church team. Simply:

  • Go to the Sleep at the G website
  • Press the Register button
  • Press the Community Registration button
  • Then Join a Team, find Bayside Church

Registration costs $40, however is subject to change closer to the time of the event, so book in fast.

Participants must be 18+

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