Pastoral Care

How does it work at Bayside?

It’s easy in a large church to feel lost or not connected. We aim to make a large church feel like a small church. We highly encourage every person who attends Bayside Church to attend a connect group as this is the best way to be known and to know others. At Bayside we have a variety of connect groups to suit every age and life stage. This is the best way to make friends and receive the support you need. Our connect section for a full list of groups available. There is a Ministry Leader allocated to every area at Bayside Church to help you get connected.

Meet The Family

Leader Sandra Cavallo Email

Youth Parent Info

Leader Katelin Thorne Email

Bayside Healing Rooms

Director Judy McKillop Email
Director Kathy Vass Email

Bayside Kids

Leader Onida Weir Email


Leader Onida Weir Email

Parent Info

Leader Onida Weir Email

Kidz Rock

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Leader Onida Weir Email

Mainly Music

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Leader Robyn Hutcheon Email

Bayside Youth

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Bayside Young Adults

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Bayside Adults

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Leader Robyn Hutcheon Email

More Leaders

Pastoral Care Pastor Sandra Cavallo Email
In the event of an issue, problem or sickness, the Bible instructs the one who is unwell to call the elders of the church and they will come and anoint him with oil (James 5:14). Therefore we believe it is your responsibility to contact your pastoral oversight (Connect Group Leader in the first instance) and/or Ministry Leader if required and let them know if you are experiencing a difficulty.

Download Bayside Church's full Pastoral Care Policy